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MiniMap Node

The minimap node component can be used to extend the default minimap nodes. You can use it to add an icon to your node, or to add a custom tooltip etc.


To use the component pass the MiniMapNode as a child to the MiniMap component.

      <template #node-input="props">
        <MiniMapNode v-bind="props" />


idNode idstringfalse-
parentNodeParent node idstringtrue-
selectedIs node selectedbooleantruefalse
draggingIs node draggingbooleantruefalse
positionXY position of nodeXYPositionfalse-
dimensionsNode dimensionsDimensionsfalse-
borderRadiusMiniMap node css border-radiusnumbertrue-
colorMiniMap node css colorstringtrue-
shapeRenderingMiniMap node css shapeRenderingShapeRenderingtrue-
strokeColorMiniMap node css stroke-colorstringtrue-
strokeWidthMiniMap node css stroke-widthstringtrue-


defaultSlot below MiniMap node rect

Released under the MIT License.